Wholesale Jungle Flora Extreme Kit Case


Case includes Twelve (12) kits



Wholesale Jungle Flora Extreme Kit Case is an organic plant food for both indoor and outdoor use. JungleFlora™ is a fermented blend of Composted Cow and Chicken Manures, Vermicast, Acadian kelp, Fish emulsion, Volcanic rock Dust, Potassium Humate and Filtered Rain Water.

Jungle Flora is 100% organic. Compared to synthetic soil conditioners and lawn and garden care products, our product contributes vital nutrients and supplements to the soil, thereby feeding the plant the way nature intended. Jungle Flora is the result of over 10 years of refining and development. Regular applications of Jungle Flora will give you greener grass, healthier plants, better vegetable yields, greatly improved soil conditions, more earthworm activity, reduced fungus and pest problems and it’s earth friendly!

Kit includes:  Three (3) 4.2 oz Jungle Flora Extreme packs, a FREE gallon jug and FREE remote sprayer.

Wholesale Jungle Flora Extreme Kit Case includes Twelve (12) kits


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