What is Jungle Flora?

Organic Plant Food for both indoor and outdoor use. JungleFlora™ is a fermented blend of Composted Cow and Chicken Manures, Vermicast, Acadian kelp, Fish emulsion, Volcanic rock Dust, Potassium Humate and Filtered Rain Water.




Jungle Flora Products

NEW! Jungle Flora Extreme 4.20 Kit: Includes three (3) Jungle Flora Extreme 4.20 packs (each pack makes 1 gallon ready-to-use product) and a FREE gallon jug with remote sprayer.

NEW! Jungle Flora Extreme 4.20 pack: Each pack makes 1 gallon ready-to-use product




Jungle Flora: 32 oz. concentrate makes 25 gallons


Jungle Flora: 5 gallon tote; concentrate makes 250 gallons


FAQs About Jungle Flora

Why JungleFlora™ ?
Keen gardeners often have a healthy respect for bees, butterflies, etc. but not the same
respect for spiders, mites, aphids and so on. But how do you control the unwanted
without harming the wanted insects? A garden being treated for many years with liberal
amounts of compost will grow virtually anything, but how can you achieve those results
faster without using synthetic fertilizers?

These are just a couple of questions that prompted the development of this product.

What makes Jungle Flora the best soil conditioner and lawn and garden care product on the market today?
That’s a question we get asked everyday. First thing to remember is Jungle Flora is 100% organic. Compared to synthetic soil conditioners and lawn and garden care products, our product contributes vital nutrients and supplements to the soil, thereby feeding the plant the way nature intended. Jungle Flora is the result of over 10 years of refining and development. Regular applications of Jungle Flora will give you greener grass, healthier plants, better vegetable yields, greatly improved soil conditions, more earthworm activity, reduced fungus and pest problems and it’s earth friendly!
I usually fertilize my lawn with a leading brand, will Jungle Flora give me the same results?

You will get better results with Jungle Flora than any of the other synthetic fertilizers. As long as you follow the application regime, your lawn will be greener and healthier. Remember, 1 quart of Jungle Flora will cover 1/2 acre of grass. This is far less expensive than synthetic fertilizers. Jungle Flora conditions the soil, improving the humus level, adding bacteria and nutrients. Grass roots are thicker, deeper and grass blades are an oily green. The perfect lawn! Plus, Jungle Flora is safe for children and pets and there is no waiting time after treatments.


Aren’t all organic products the same?
Thankfully no. Other organic products may contain 1, 2 or 3 of the ingredients we have. Some are concentrated bone meal, kelp, bat guano, chicken manure, etc. There is no plant food or lawn care product on the market today that has such an extensive blend of helpful ingredients. Because our process is patent pending, this organic product cannot be duplicated.
What if I don’t follow the mixing instructions carefully?

Don’t worry. Even if by accident you applied Jungle Flora full strength you would not burn your lawn or plants.


I have a pond and waterfall on my property? Will Jungle Flora harm my fish and exotic plants?
Absolutely not. This is the only product you can safely use around waters capes. In fact, tests have shown that fish rather enjoy slight misting of Jungle Flora. Exotic plants will not be harmed and will in fact improve.
When can children and pets be allowed to play in areas treated with Jungle Flora?

Believe it or not, immediately. We recommend that you wait at least 4 hours for the plants to fully absorb the application.


I understand that you do not print nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium (NPK) ratios. Why is that?
This is the most fundamental reason why our product is far superior than any other product on the market today. Synthetic fertilizers aredependent on the plants ability to absorb the nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium as it slowly dissolves into the soil. Because they are synthetic they add nothing to the soil to produce the NPK. Regular applications of Jungle Flora stabilizes the soil and allow it to produce all of the required NPK and other nutrients the plant needs. The bacteria and microorganisms which become prevalent in soil treated with our product, produce abundant quantities of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. Jungle Flora keeps conditioning the soil, long after synthetic soil conditioner and lawn and garden care products have dissolved.