Wholesale Pest-Rid 32oz Spray Case

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Case includes six (6) 32 oz ready to use spray bottles



Wholesale Pest-Rid 32oz Spray Case contains Pest-Rid, an organic animal pest chaser that works by odor and taste – a spray that keeps pests away. Just Shake It and Spray It! Ready to Use – No Mixing Required. Safe for Humans, Pets & Birds.

Animal pests are a problem. They eat and damage landscaping, gardens and fruit trees, they leave feces everywhere which can contain HARMFUL BACTERIA, and they tunnel and dig under pavers, gardens and pool decks, causing washouts and depressions.

PEST-RID is not harmful, and works by producing an odor and taste which is disagreeable to a variety of home and garden animal pests.

Initially applying liberal amounts will be most effective. A second, light touch up spray is recommended 2-4 days after the initial liberal application to reinforce the message that pests are not welcome here. Animals are creatures of habit, and as the product is a safe, natural deterrent, it can take several days to a week until the pests get the message. Re application is recommended every 3 to 5 weeks, depending on the severity of the infestation and amount of rain.

Case includes six (6) 32 oz ready to use spray bottles

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