Iguana-Rid 32oz Spray

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Iguana-Rid 32oz Spray is an organic animal pest chaser that works by odor and taste – a spray that keeps pests away. Just Shake It and Spray It! Ready to Use – No Mixing Required. Safe for Humans, Pets & Birds.

Animal pests are a problem, especially iguanas. They eat and damage landscaping, gardens and fruit trees, they leave feces everywhere which can contain HARMFUL BACTERIA, and they tunnel and dig under pavers, gardens and pool decks, causing washouts and depressions.

IGUANA-RID is an all natural pest repellent spray which helps protect Homes, Pool Decks, Plants, Trees, Flowers, & Shrubs from Iguanas, curly tails & other lizards, squirrels, rabbits, frogs & toads, ducks, geese, snakes, deer, raccoons, skunks, etc. As well as garden pests such as mealy bugs, beetles, white flies, thrips, leaf-chewers, aphids, spider mites, snails & more!

Spray or spread around trees, shrubs, flowers, vegetables, walkways, docks, roof tiles, pool decks, or any other area where control is desired.


Works on: Garden pests:
✓ Iguanas ✓ Deer ✓ Leaf-chewers ✓ Spider Mites
✓ Ducks & Geese ✓ Frogs & Toads ✓ Mealybugs ✓ Snails
✓ Raccoons ✓ Snakes ✓ Thrips ✓ Aphids
✓ Squirrels ✓ Skunks ✓ Beetles ✓ And more!
✓ Curly Tails ✓ other Lizards ✓ White Flies
✓ Rabbits

7 reviews for Iguana-Rid 32oz Spray

  1. Shana

    I live on a canal in Florida.. and large iguanas were constantly crawling around my backyard..eating my plants.. and defecating everywhere. We are not allowed to kill iguanas in this state, and i didn’t know what to do.
    A friend suggested this natural product, iguana rid.. and it worked great! I sprayed a few times.. and i barely see any iguanas now. I also notice the big toads and noisy tree frogs are gone too.
    Awesome product!

  2. Franko

    Product is a bit pricey if you have a large area to cover. I had to spray twice, since after the first spray I found an iguana in my garden. Ironically, as I was spraying the second time I had to chase off an iguana who was coming to snack on my plants. Since the last spray, I have not seen any signs of Iguanas, so I guess it may be working. The smell is overwhelming and does not wash off very easily, so you might want to use gloves (the sprayer leaked a bit on my hands). All and all I guess it works.

  3. Floyd

    Did work but not as long lasting as I had hoped it would be.

  4. Izzy

    I used on the house of my Mom to repel the gecos. Works great.

  5. Terry Molnar

    Poof! No more pesky tree frogs! We built a waterfall in our backyard in order to enhance our experience hanging out there. Then along came a swarm to tree frogs to ruin it all for us. They croaked, hollered, chattered, howled and generally carried on a racket from early evening until early morning. Every night. All through the spring and summer. We ended up retreating into the house and shutting all the windows. Even then, we could hear them.

    We also scoured the internet looking for solutions. We found a lot of suggestions, many unusable and none effective for us. Then we discovered Pest Rid Exempt. One spray, half the bottle, and they were gone the next night and haven’t returned. The treatment was quick and easy, taking less than a half hour to mix and spray. What a relief!

  6. Jim Melloy

    Fantastic! I have had a frog problem next to my pond for years. They would make so much noise, many of my neighbors couldn’t sleep. I had to wear earplugs every night. Just after one use, the frogs were gone. I had at least a dozen frogs. They loved my pond to lay their eggs – thousands of them. Please advertise this product more! There are many people begging for this product. I was one of them. My recommendation; Buy it, you will not be sorry. I can’t give this product any higher praise!

  7. Marcia Reese

    It works! It does take a few days to work but it is working now and I am celebrating no more skinks!

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