Jungle Flora Concentrate 32 oz.

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Jungle Flora Concentrate 32 oz. is an organic plant food for both indoor and outdoor use. JungleFlora™ is a fermented blend of Composted Cow and Chicken Manures, Vermicast, Acadian kelp, Fish emulsion, Volcanic rock Dust, Potassium Humate and Filtered Rain Water.

Jungle Flora is 100% organic. Compared to synthetic soil conditioners and lawn and garden care products, our product contributes vital nutrients and supplements to the soil, thereby feeding the plant the way nature intended. Jungle Flora is the result of over 10 years of refining and development. Regular applications of Jungle Flora will give you greener grass, healthier plants, better vegetable yields, greatly improved soil conditions, more earthworm activity, reduced fungus and pest problems and it’s earth friendly!

Jungle Flora: 32 oz. concentrate makes 25 gallons.

3 reviews for Jungle Flora Concentrate 32 oz.

  1. Josh Canters

    It’s very great!!! My plants love Jungle Flora.

  2. Tony V

    I like to use this mild organic fertilizer when transplanting new plants in order to get them gently accustomed to a new home. I do a lot of container gardening. Jungle Flora is a great starter fertilizer, and fully organic without any fishy odors. I use a small amount in each watering can full that I pour. After the plants are settled in, I switch on and off between this product and stronger water soluble types at regular intervals. I really don’t know why they have started promoting this product as a pest and insect deterrent – it doesn’t seem to have much affect on bugs as I far as I have seen – but it is a fine organic fertilizer.

  3. wendy g.

    I have the pleasure of being able to garden almost year round here in North East Florida. The trade in for the wonderful climate,is the poor soil.When I started planting here,I discovered my yard was very undernourished.After just ONE use I could see a difference!My new transplants greened up and are standing straighter than ever.After dividing several perennials, the time in shock was cut down to a fraction of the time.I will definitely make sure I never run out of this.This is November when everything is going dormant.I can’t wait to see what Jungle Flora will do come spring!

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