Pest-Rid Golden Granules

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Pest Rid is a natural, organic animal and garden pest deterrent. Its ingredients are used as bio-pesticide for organic farming so be assured Pest Rid is safe for humans, pets and birds. Pest Rid deters lizards, snakes, iguanas, rabbits, frogs, toads etc.

100% natural and organic pest and animal deterrent
Non-toxic, eco friendly
Safe for children and pets
Easy and ready to use
Deters almost every type of animal and garden pest



Pest-Rid Golden Granules is an organic animal pest chaser that works by odor and taste – a spray that keeps pests away. Just Shake It and Spray It! Ready to Use – No Mixing Required. Safe for Humans, Pets & Birds.

Animal pests are a problem. They eat and damage landscaping, gardens and fruit trees, they leave feces everywhere which can contain HARMFUL BACTERIA, and they tunnel and dig under pavers, gardens and pool decks, causing washouts and depressions.

PEST-RID is an all-natural pest repellent spread which helps protect Homes, Pool Decks, Plants, Trees, Flowers, & Shrubs from Iguanas, curly tails & other lizards, squirrels, rabbits, frogs & toads, ducks, geese, snakes, deer, raccoons, skunks, etc. As well as garden pests such as mealy bugs, beetles, white flies, thrips, leaf-chewers, aphids, spider mites, snails & more!

Spread around trees, shrubs, flowers, vegetables, walkways, docks, roof tiles, pool decks, or any other area where control is desired.


Works on: Garden pests:
✓ Iguanas ✓ Deer ✓ Leaf-chewers ✓ Spider Mites
✓ Ducks & Geese ✓ Frogs & Toads ✓ Mealybugs ✓ Snails
✓ Raccoons ✓ Snakes ✓ Thrips ✓ Aphids
✓ Squirrels ✓ Skunks ✓ Beetles ✓ And more!
✓ Curly Tails ✓ other Lizards ✓ White Flies
✓ Rabbits

3 reviews for Pest-Rid Golden Granules

  1. James Poddany

    Haven’t had any toads chirping since applying. It does stink initially but the smell dissipates quickly.

  2. Jennifer Cunningham

    Works wonders! Have not seen any of those lizards.

  3. James Holewka

    Frogs! Squirrels! Our neighbor has a abandoned pool which has led to heavy frog activity. This year they started to take over our yard too! Hundreds of them big and small. Bought both the dry pellets and spray and treated the mulch surrounding our back yard. That night the frogs are gone! It’s been two weeks so far still no frogs. We also have squirrels or a really big frog digging up our mulch, with this product they have seemed to stop also. Now the mulch in the front is being dug up, gotta order more! Very pleased with product and results!

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